Monday, January 28, 2008

God I hate referencing!

Assignment 1 is pretty much done bar the referencing. I have trouble with basic referencing with normal books (finite date, known author, known publisher - really shouldn't be a problem, I know.) But referencing wikis and websites with no specific publication date and God knows how many authors (if you're lucky enough to find an actual name.) And what should I include - all those wiki pages that I contributed to and therefore mentioned in my report, for example? I'm afraid it's bad news for Peter - I've gone for the sweeping approach and included everything in the reference list. Actually, I'm not even clear on the difference between a reference list and a bibliography, but I know that there is one!
In the past I tried using EndNote and didn't really get anywhere. It was faster just doing it myself. I wonder is there a service somewhere that would read through the assignment and add the bibliography/reference list for a small fee. Money well spent!


Asray said...

Hi Paula,
Even I don't like referencing but Thanks to NoodleTools. Our college is subscribed to Noodle Tools using which referencing is very easy. Just enter your details it will create the citation for you. You can access it from check for online databases and you will find Noodle tools in the drop down menu. You can create folders for different courses and also you can email them for any help.
I still had trouble referencing Wikipedia articles. But I managed and finally submitted my assignment 1 last week. Started working in assignment 2. Hope I will be able to finish in time.

Justyna said...

Hi Paula,

I feel your referencing pain!!! I had quite a few issues with that myself. I have to reinstall EndNote onto my computer ... before that I just copied the references from the list in our class notes, made sure it's all there, and followed the class note style for in-text ones. You are right, though - there has to be one convenient and efficient way to do this.

I had similar issues with my contributions (as there were so many). I chose two that were significant and very distinct from each other, talked about them in detail, and then gave a link to my userpage where I listed them all. I really hope that my approach was OK.

This course has been one big emerging experience for me .


P.S. gives a good explanation of the difference between references and bibliographies 