Sunday, January 20, 2008

Working on Assignment 2 when Assignment 1 hasn't been completed!

Typical! But not really under my control. Since this project involves the cooperation of others, I really have to work with them on their schedules. The recording is done (I hope - I still have some editing to do in Audacity and I might find some glaring bloopers that I'm not able to fix with the wizardry of Audacity. Fingers crossed. One of the guys in Ed Tech has sorted out the style sheet to give the site that corporate look, and in fact made the homepage without even being asked. I think he might just have become my new best friend! All is looking on track bar the SCORM aspect. All the hot pot exercises are scorm compliant (I remembered to tick the box!) but we can't get it up and running in Vista. Apparently, the expert in the EdTech is in fact just learning as he goes along. Must contact Peter about this, as the SCORM aspect was part of the project proposal.
As for Assignment 1, I've made a plan, and another plan. It's just that getting started thing. In fact, the only reason this blog entry is being written now is because I'm procrastinating!

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