Friday, January 25, 2008

knowledgeGarden fun and games

Hmmm, slight hiccup. Can't get into my pages in knowledgeGarden - userpage, Hot Potatoes, Musings, the lot. But I'm being a bit blase about it. In fact, taking advantage to some degree. There's a voice in the back of my head saying "Not my problem. It'll just buy me some time!" Now I know what the students feel like when I had a lesson planned that required taking instructions from a shared drive and carrying out some web research and submitting the OneNote write-up to me by email - except that the wireless is down! They love it. Despite me handing out the back-up (paper-based) exercises, they sit back and relax while I liaise with the technical department to try and sort out the problem. Now, I'm just leaving it to Peter and the more technically-savvy members of the course to sort it out.
I'm not exactly sitting back and relaxing - just getting on with writing up assignment 1 as best I can without kG (it's actually not really that much of a problem.) Justyna's making me feel really bad however. She's using the opportuntity to catch up on some of her discussions. I'm so behind in the discussions, and I feel guilty because it's always the same people doing all the work!
Anyway, back to the grind.

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