Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wimba session number 4

Another successful Wimba session (in terms of the technology working, and also in terms of clearing up a few niggling doubts about Assignment 2.) Poor Joyce was speechless for the first half hour, but I don't think we can blame Wimba for that. I also couldn't type on the whiteboard, but again my own fault since I had switched my keyboard over to Greek just before the session, and this clearly would cause a few problems!

Assignment 1 submitted yesterday, but wish I'd found out about the session today because I got some information that would have helped i.e. add a cover page and a table of contents! Ooops. Well, I'll remember for Assignment 2 and 3.

Also cleared up the issue of removing Brians hit counter from his page. I don't think he's active in the course any more. Joyce and Peter said it was perfectly acceptable to remove the hit counter as long as I sent him a message letting him know what I had done and why.

Finally got to 'meet' Janet today - even if she was half-asleep. She used to live a couple of hours up the road from here until she bit the bullet and headed back to Canada. A very interesting conversation about motivating people towards professional development between Peter, Joyce and Janet. Wish I was eloquent!
Peter also asked for volunteers for the end of semester conference - present some work that you've done. I always feel like I'm not really on a par with so many people on this course, so would never volunteer, even though in terms of where I started at the beginning of this course, I've really come a long way. But like I said, let's leave it to the experts!

Ok, now I'm just procrastinating because I still haven't finished the Greek homework. It's about 5 hours worth of work and the lesson's in a little over 2 hours. You do the math!

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My name is Nicole Long said...

HI Paula,

I wish that I had been able to make the wimba meeting. I didn't get to any of them although I did read the transcripts.

I have the same reaction when I'm asked to participate in the end of semester conference. I always feel as though others are so much more advanced than myself. I'm afraid of not having that 'academic' quality.

Same thing with the referencing in the assignments. At least Peter seems to be less concerned with it than some other facilitators. I do wish that we could have gotten one assignment back to see exactly how strict he might be. These online sources are killing me too.

Good luck with your assignments.