Saturday, January 26, 2008

Steve the genius!

KnowledgeGarden crisis over. Quick fix from Steve Pallet (although I suppose it doesn't exactly solve the original problem.) By removing any hit counters from the pages we can get access now. I know that I had planned to use the info from the hit counter to address some of the points in Assignment 1, but I don't think we can be penalised for not having one now!
Yet again, I've come up against that fear of editing other people's pages. I've linked to Brian's page as part of my report for Ass 1, but since he still has a hit counter on his page, it won't open. I don't feel I have the right to go in and remove it - he might be waiting for the bug to be solved, and want to retain the hit count. I've asked him in the shoutbox if he could remove it, but no response as yet.
I've actually added a bit about this issue with wikis in my assignment, having read a few things from Davies (2004) and Majchrzak (2005) and realised that I'm not alone! I figured that by the end of this course, I might feel more comfortable editing other people's work, but really very little has changed. Maybe it's more to do with personality type than experience?

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Justyna said...

I feel the same as you about editing others' pages - I'm slowly getting over that though -- thanks to our course. I think that we all fear that our experiences are not god enough, especially when we're editing others' assignment work, but eventually, I figured that if my comments or contributions are not proper, they can be removed easily enough --- as long as they're placed conveniently :)

I really appreciate all the comments you left on my page - they were all very valuable :)